Easier said than done…

I started this self proclaimed journey a few months ago- determined to gain the weight I needed to without going to residential treatment (again).

Not so easy. Turns out, gaining weight is pretty hard. I feel like I’m constantly eating, and making trips to the grocery store. Hell, I’m even paying to see a dietitian out of pocket…and I hate spending money.

Determined doesn’t do justice. But feeling defeated is starting to weigh down on me. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with this mixed state I’ve found myself in, not sleeping, lacking hunger cues…and yes, I’m going to go there- Trump.

I find the current state of our country absolutely sickening. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, children are being torn out of the hands of their parents and put into cages. There’s SO much evil that this administration and its followers are doing. I don’t know how to deal. Hopeless has brought on a whole new meaning…

One thought on “Easier said than done…”


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