About Pamela…

Pamela Bilyeu is a thriving artist (and dog walker/sitter)  nestled away in the foothills of the Willamette Valley in Eugene, Oregon. She has traveled to the likes of Europe, lived in places such as Atlanta, Boston, and Portland…though in 2012 Pamela felt the place she used to call home many a moons ago call her name, and so away she went and has remained since.

Since moving back to Eugene from Boston, Massachusetts, Pamela has taken some Graphic Design and Photography classes at Lane Community College- you can never do too much learning or exploring in the world of Arts.

In the reality that nothing is picture perfect, Pamela finds solidarity and beauty in the imperfections that life has to offer- both in our surroundings and within us. Capturing an image isn’t what Pamela does- she captures a story. One where you, the viewer are the narrator, and to which you can tell whatever it is your heart desires.

In Pamela’s spare time, she enjoys long walks with her young Boston Terrier, Howard. As well as riding bicycle, playing Sudoko at local coffee houses, engaging in in-depth conversations about life, politics, travel, and books…oh and Netflix. It’s true, she is a Closet Netflixer.

Contact Pamela if you have any interest in purchasing an image of interest, or would like to show her work in your gallery or business. 

nothing's ever as it seems…

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